The Redwall Cook F.A.Q.

What are the Redwall books?
    The Redwall books are a  series of  children’s fantasy novels by  English author Brian Jacques. There are 19+ books in the series, and they all center around Redwall Abbey, a fictional location populated by quasi-medieval, anthropomorphic animals.  That sounds pretty weird, but they’re actually quite fun, full of adventure, humor, songs –and feasting.
    The first book of the series is titled Redwall, and it’s a great place to start if you’re interested in reading the books. For more information, check out the Wikipedia page.

What is a damson/flan/scone?
    Many readers, especially Americans, are unfamiliar with some of the foods described in Redwall. I've to look up quite a few while researching for this blog. Here’s a vocabulary of common foods of Redwall (if you discover something I don’t have here, please email it to me!):

Cordial - a concentrated, non-carbonated soft drink which is diluted with water before drinking (I'm known to bypass this definition and make carbonated cordials because I like them)
Damson – a type of plum
Flan – a tart filled with custard, fruit, or cheese
Fool - a dessert combining fruit and cream
Pasty (pasties; pastie) – a small pastry pocket filled with a savory filling
Scone – a small, rich, triangular biscuit
Tart – a shallow, open-faced pie crust with assorted fillings
Turnover - a pastry made by folding a piece of pastry over a filling

Are these recipes just for Redwall fans?
     Certainly not! Apart from the Redwall association, this blog is a great source for healthy, vegetarian recipes with an English bent. Most of them include fresh fruits and vegetables, and employ techniques or ingredients that are unique. I love when my readers use these recipes for everyday, not just for Redwall-related events.

What do you think of The Redwall Cookbook and The Redwall Kitchen?
    For those who don’t know, The Redwall Cookbook is a cookbook written by Brian Jacques, and The Redwall Kitchen is the largest web-based collection of Redwall recipes.
    The Redwall Cookbook is a great read. I used a few of the recipes awhile ago but intend to revisit the book and publish my experiences to this blog - I do remember, however, that I didn't think the recipes I tried were very good. Also, while the illustrations are excellent, there are no photographs of the actual foods - and I prefer cookbooks with photographs.
    As for the Redwall Kitchen, it is also fun to browse. I have not used any of the recipes featured there, but many aren't very detailed/easy to understand - and again, no pictures. While in no way do I intend to insult these sources, I feel there's a gap in the area of Redwall cooking - and that's why I started this blog. 

Where do your recipes come from?
Two main sources:
1) I make them up.
2) I change or customize a recipe taken from a book, magazine, or website.

Are you affiliated with Brian Jacques?
    I’m not affiliated with him or any other Redwall organization, fan group, or publisher – I’m flying solo.

How do I contact you with questions, comments, or stories?
    I’d love to hear from you! Send an email to mrgxfincher@gmail.com.

Can I submit a recipe?
You certainly can, if it meets these criteria:
1) You’ve made it before.
2) It’s for a dish taken directly from the pages of a Redwall book (please include a quote).
3) The recipe or dish is not already on the blog.

If it meets these criteria, I try and like it, and I have the time, I will post it to the blog along with your name, location, and a comment from you. Please understand that not all submitted recipes will make it to the blog.

What's the difference between a 'Basic Redwall Recipe' and the other recipes you post?
    A Basic Redwall Recipe is a recipe for something simple  that is a component of many recipes (i.e. pie crust). All other recipes are inspired directly from a Redwall quote (i.e. Snowcream Pudding). 

Are these recipes totally authentic?
  I preface every post with a direct quote from a Redwall book, specifically mentioning the  food I'm posting about. I use natural, high-quality ingredients (butter in lieu of margarine, freshly whipped cream in lieu of Reddi-Whip) and always choose homemade over store-bought if possible (homemade pie crust, salad dressing, etc.)
  However,  I do use things such as chicken eggs and food processors, which they definitely did not have in Redwall. 

Can we exchange links?
 Certainly, If you have a Redwall/cooking-related site. I have a sidebar called 'Redwall Resources', where I will link sites that I think are helpful/informative. I try to keep the list fairly short, though, so I can't link all sites, all the time (some may go in and out of rotation).

    If you have any other questions, please email them to me! I will update this page regularly.