In Which a Home-school Prom Prevents Me From Posting a Recipe

{Redwall + gardening books}

This week has been crazy-busy - I've been helping plan and produce a home-school prom, which will take place this weekend. There's been lots of cooking involved. Our theme is 'Asian Garden', and our menu includes teriyaki chicken, broccoli slaw, and a custom ice cream sundae bar.

Yesterday I made a couple gallons of teriyaki sauce, and today I'm figuring out how to make a huge quantity of rice. I've also been planning and starting a kitchen garden. With all this, I haven't had time to try a new Redwall recipe.

However, I'm planning on relaxing and making lots of delicious food next week, and I'm sure some of it will make it's way here. I brought a new batch of Redwall books home from the library, and they were very inspiring. I want to make more desserts and fruit dishes, as well Mossflower Wedge and homemade bread.

Okay, I officially need to stop thinking about this! I'm on a (very) mini-diet in order to drop a couple pounds before the dance (so I'll be more comfortable in my fitted dress), and writing/thinking about food is not helping :)